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Robeo + Juliet Special: $15 Off When You Order 2 Robes

A Robe Libs for Valentine's Day

Posted by Evan + Jackie on

In honor of Valentine's Day we made y'all a Valentine's "Robe Libs"

click the image below for a printable version

Honeymoon Robe Trip

In early July of 2017 we got married in Austin, Texas. A few days later we set out on what was our idea for a great honeymoon - a road trip that would take us from Banff National Park in Canada down through Glacier, Yellowstone, Grand Teton and many points in between. Obviously we spent [...]

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The Robey Awards

If you’ve ever watched television or seen a movie, you might’ve noticed something...occasionally one the characters will be wearing a robe. It happens more often than you think. It’s obvious that anyone wearing a robe on tv or in a movie looks fantastic. It’s even more obvious that there are certain characters who look even [...]

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A bit about Kimonos...

...and why we wanted to use this shape for our robes. Once we made the decision to start making robes, we had to figure out what they’d look like. Important thing to figure out number one: their shape. Like any article of clothing, or really any physical product, or really anything in human existence, robes can [...]

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