Top 5 "Robe Stars" to Follow on Instagram ASAP

What can we say? We're suckers for anybody posting photos of themselves in our robes. Looking for some fresh inspiration on how to style your Highway Robery robe? Look no further. We present the top 5 Instagrams to follow for all your robe fashion needs: Highway Robery edition.


1) Riley Blanks 

Riley is an Austin-based model, photographer, and storyteller. She has the ability to work both sides of a camera and makes it all look effortless. 

Riley Blanks wearing a Highway Robery "Gladwell" robe@rileyblanks in a striped robe

2) Amy Gabriel

Amy is a writer and the clever voice behind the Austin Tidbits blog. She splits her time between Austin and New Orleans, and never leaves home without her robe.

Amy Gabriel wears a Highway Robery "Newtopia Rising" robe @bonjourboheme in a silky rayon robe

3) Manny Muniz

Manny is a Puerto Rican-born DJ who is part of the Peligrosa collective of DJ's, playing legendary parties all around the US. He rocks a party almost as well as he rocks a robe.

4) Jaymee Sire and Justin Aharoni

Jaymee and Justin both do the robe thang in serious style. She's a TV host who can be found on the Food Network and he's an accomplished photographer (who may or may not have taken some of our favorite robe photos as of late). Their Christmas photo from a few years back says it all.

@jaymeesire in a lightweight woven robe and @jaharoni in a plaid robe

5) Jack O'Brien

Jack sings and plays bass in Bright Light Social Hour, a psychedelic rock band based in Austin. He wears our robes with unmatched flair.

@itsjackobrien in a floral printed robe


Now it's your turn! Snap a photo of your best robe glamour shot, and tag us on Instagram. You could be featured in a future post! 

While you're here, don't forget to to browse our latest robe styles. All of our robes are made with preexisting, dead stock fabrics and gender neutral kimono style. Check out our robe fit guide to see how yours will look.

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