Fall Lookbook

A new season is upon us, and we can't wait to get cozy in our Highway Robery robes alllll season long!

As the saying goes, robes are for lovers and fall is for flannels. Peruse our Fall 2019 Lookbook for some cool, crisp robe styling inspiration. Don't forget to use code "robeo" at checkout for $25 off when you buy two robes!

Wear it camping - Goin' camping this season? Remember to pack lots of cozy layers that can be worn in the chilly mornings and evenings. Earn major campfire style points in our Golden Boy and Mr. Fahrenheit flannel robes.


Wear it at tea parties - On days that are especially chilly, it can be fun to stay at home all day your cozies - sipping on tea and chitchatting with your pals. Browse our latest flannel robe patterns here. 


Wear it while getting ready for a date - Robes make the perfect date-night-prep attire. Wear while painting your toes, styling your hair, or picking out your outfit for the evening. Browse our latest plaid robe styles here (as featured below), or our floral robe collection for something especially pretty!


Wear it to your favorite bar - For those who struggle between going out for a night on the town, and hibernating in your PJ's at home, may we present (in our flannel Birthday Baby robe)...

Wear it for puppy cuddles - Coffee, bathrobes, and a cute puppy. These are the things cozy fall weekends are made of! We're wearing Silence Dogood and Birthday Baby.

Wear it chic - If you think that you have to choose between being comfy and being fashionable, think again! Our friend @_haysalty proves this to be true. Featured in her monochromatic autumn ensemble is our Lady Croissant robe.

 What's your favorite place to wear your Highway Robery robe? Let us know in the comments! Ready to shop? Find your favorite robe style here.


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