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Summer. It's hot. DAMN HOT. And while summertime & robes might not be the #couplesgoals that peanut butter & jelly are, there are still plenty of opportunities to rock a robe in the summer. Check out our top five summertime robe recommendations below!

Wear as a Swim Coverup - Nothing says summer like relaxing by a pool. A good book, a tasty beverage, some choice tunes on the radio. Quite the life! Obviously a bathing suit is requirement numero uno for enjoying a day by the pool, but what are you wearing when you walk to and from said pool? What if you get a little chilly after being in the water? That's where a swim coverup comes in handy. 

We recommend one of our silky rayon robes

Couple sits by the pool in Highway Robery bathrobes and pool coverups


Wear on a Road (Robe) Trip - One of the few things more freeing than wearing a robe is going on a r̶o̶a̶d̶ robe trip. Hitting the open r̶o̶a̶d̶ robe and going where the wind takes you. It's always an enlightening experience. You never know what you might see or who you might meet along the way. It's good to go see stuff! Why not combine the freedom of a robe with the freedom of being on a r̶o̶a̶d̶ robe trip? Double freedom!

Try one of our cotton robes - they're lightweight but still heavy enough to keep you warm on a cold night under the stars.

woman at campsite standing in front of camper wearing a Highway Robery bathrobe 

Wear Grocery Shopping / Running Errands - Who says you should only wear robes at home? SERIOUSLY, WHO IS SAYING THAT THEY NEED A STERN TALKING TO. Maybe you don't wanna put on real clothes just to run out for a gallon of milk. Maybe you don't have to.

We recommend a warm and cozy flannel robe to fully maximize the funny looks from all the jealous people who AREN'T in their robes at the grocery store.

Woman wearing a a Highway Robery bathrobe while going grocery shopping


Wear to Sleepovers - Because duh. Don't make us explain why wearing robes at a sleepover is a good idea. If you do need this explained to you, perhaps robes just aren't your thing. There's the door. We're all very sad to see you go.

Two women wearing Highway Robery bathrobes on a bed with a dog


Wear While Watching Netflix While it’s Nice Out - Like we mentioned at the top - it's hot in the summertime. Damn hot. Do we always have to be outside? Like, really? 

We know people say to go do outdoor stuff when the sun is out, but do those same people have TV and air conditioning? Those things are nice too! It's obviously good to get outside some (blah, blah), but for the times you just wanna stay in and relax in that sweet sweet air conditioning, we have just the thing for you. You guessed it! A robe.

Woman eating snacks on a coach in a Highway Robery bathrobe watching TV


All of our robes are made with preexisting fabrics and are one size fits most. You can browse our full robe collection here. Plus, enjoy $25 off when you buy two with the code 'ROBEO' at checkout!

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  • I love wearing my Golden Boy robe on a pool day. I pair it with my favorite swimsuit and a pair of shades for a cute & quirky swim cover up while I lounge all day.


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