National Adopt a Shelter Dog Month

Friends! October is "National Adopt a Shelter Dog Month" so in honor of our canine pals, we wanted to share some of our favorite photos of people in robes with their best poochie friends. If you're looking to adopt a dog (or another kind of furry friend) Petfinder is a great resource for finding a local shelter. 

Now on to some adorable photos of puppies and the people who love them...

We don't make robes specifically for dogs (yet), but that doesn't mean they can't snuggle up in one.

What's better than relaxing on your couch in a robe? Doing so with your pup, obviously.


Sing them songs about chasing squirrels and prancing in fields.

Do puppies give the best kisses?

Who doesn't enjoy a good belly rub?

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Snuggle puppy 🐶

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Here's lookin' at you, kid.

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Shouts to @bbbridgeta and her pup 🐶

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As we've now proven without a reasonable doubt, snuggling with a puppy in a robe is the only true way to live. Feel free to send us photos of you in your robe with your pups. Or just send us photos of your pups. We like puppies.

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