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How to Care for your Robe

At Highway Robery, we’re big fans of robes. We drink our morning coffee in them, lounge around the house in them, and sometimes drive cross country road trips in them. And as you might expect, we know a thing or two about keeping them in great condition so that they can be enjoyed for years to come.
Whether you’ve just purchased your first robe or have a whole collection of silky, soft, and cozies, find answers to our frequently asked robe care questions below.

Do I have to Wash My Robe Before First Use?

Great question! Though it is not necessary to wash your robe before first use (our robes are made from pre-existing fabrics, without harsh chemicals or dyes), we do recommend that people with sensitive skin and allergies use their best judgement before wearing.

How Often Should I Wash My Robe?

Unlike other intimate articles of clothing (such as under shirts or socks), there is no need to wash your robe after every wear. 

Instead, we recommend washing your robe once a month or so to keep it smelling fresh and clean. This cadence it will increase the longevity of your robe, by avoiding over washing.

When in doubt, sniff test!

How Should I Wash My Robe?

To maintain the integrity of your robe’s shape, and the quality of its colors and fabric, we recommend: 

  • Removing the robe belt, and washing your robe with its arms inside out.
  • Using mild detergent. Regular detergent can also be used, however it is harsher on fabrics over time.
  • Hand washing, or setting the machine washer to the cold, delicate/regular wash cycle.
  • Hang drying your robe. Tumble drying it in your machine with no/low heat also works. 
  • Removing from washer/dryer promptly, and hanging.
  • Avoiding the use of fabric softeners or bleach.

For more tips on keeping your robe bright and fluffy, see our fabric-specific recommendations below:


Cotton Flannel Robes

DO: Cotton flannel is known for being a soft, warm, and cozy fabric. That said, it is also prone to shrinkage if not washed properly! To keep your robe in great condition, we recommend washing it in on either the delicate or regular cycle with cold water - and with no or low heat. 

For optimal fluffiness, we recommend using half of the detergent you would use normally with cotton products, and add a ½ cup of white vinegar. 

DON’T: We don't recommend drying any of our robes on high heat. With cotton flannel in particular, drying your robe on high heat (or over drying it) can cause cotton flannel to shrink or shred.


Silky Rayon Robes

DO: Rayon is a luxuriously soft and silky fabric. That said, it is a delicate fabric that takes a bit more care when washing. We recommend washing your robe with mild detergent either on a cold/delicate cycle in the washer, or with hand washing. Wash alone, or with like pieces. 

When drying your robe, we recommend (moreso than with other fabrics) opting to hang dry it. For ironing, we recommend using a medium-hot iron and always iron on the wrong side of the fabric. Following these tips help keep the fabric silky and shiny!

DON’T: Don’t use fabric softeners or bleach on your robe, as these products can cause damage to the delicate fabric. Similarly, grooming products containing alcohol can also be hard on the robe’s fabric - so avoid spraying hair and body products while wearing.


Linen Robes

DO: Linen is a fabric that is valued for its exceptional coolness in warm weather, as well as its ability to becoming softer and more absorbent after each wash. To best care for your linen robe, we recommend machine washing it on the delicate cycle with lukewarm water. It can be washed alone, or with a small load of similar linen pieces.

To avoid shrinkage, we recommend hang drying or using the tumble dry setting. If your robe ever requires ironing, we recommend doing so while it is the slightest bit damp or laying a damp towel over it. 

DON’T: Don’t use bleach on your robe, as it can weaken the strength of the fibers and cause discoloration.


How Can I Revive My Favorite Robe?

If your beloved robe has become wrinkled, stiff, or otherwise worn, try these tips to revive it back to its original robe glory.


Robe Wrinkles

Both our cotton flannel and silky rayon robes can be ironed on low heat, or steamed using a handheld steamer to loosen wrinkles.


Robe Stiffness

Build-up of detergent or laundry softener can cause your favorite robe to become stiff and worn looking. To fluff it up, we recommend washing your robe alone without detergent. You can also add a little distilled white vinegar to help get rid of excess detergent.


Robe Stains

Whenever possible, we recommend spot cleaning, blotting the stain with cold water. 

For more stubborn stains, we recommend pre-treating the stain with detergent - pouring it directly onto the stain and letting it set for an hour or two before going into the wash. This works for robes of all materials, including cotton, flannel, and silk. Like all fabrics, the sooner you can treat the stain, the better.


Robe Pilling

Frequent wear of any well-loved clothing, including your robe, can lead to pilling. To remedy this, we recommend using a disposable razor to gently lift the pilled areas of your robe off the fabric.

How Should I Store my Robe? 

Taking the time to store your robe nicely makes a big difference in its longevity. Not to mention, provides great presentational value for the next time your ready to get extra cozy!

A simple robe hook in the master bathroom is a perfectly good place to store your robe. To keep your robe looking fresher for longer, we recommend hanging your robe on a padded hanger in a cool, dry place after wear.


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