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Dad plays guitar for baby in plaid kimono robe

Our 5 Favorite Father's Day Gift Ideas

Dads. They have jokes. They've got those bods. They get the big piece of chicken. They sometimes deserve a decent Father's Day gift. Here are a few Father's Day gift ideas for you.

Satchel & Page Dopp Kit - using leather that's tanned and finished in Italy, this dopp kit is a classy-as-hell men's accessory from one of our favorite brands.

Satchel & Page Dopp Kit with Italian leather


Parks Project T-Shirt - For the dad who loves the outdoors (and/or cool t-shirts relating to the outdoors), Parks Project creates collections of park goods that directly fund backlogged projects in the parks. We love their designs and their mission. 

Parks Project T-Shirt for Yosemite National Park


Bombas Men's Tri-Block Ankle Sock - We're recent converts to these super comfy socks. They go great with a pair of sneakers, and have extra padding on the back to protect your ankle from rubbing. Nothing says Father's Day like a new pair of socks.

Photo of Bombas Tri-Block Ankle Sock


Basketball (and Other Things) - For the hoop head dads out there, this book by Shea Serrano is both flat out hilarious and a fantastic deep dive into all things NBA. Where else will you get an answer to the question, "If 1997 Karl Malone and a bear swapped places for a season, who would be more successful?" Even Barack Obama said this was one of his favorite books from 2017.

cover of Basketball (and Other Things) by Shea Serrano


Bathrobe - You didn't think we'd write a whole post about our favorite Father's Day gifts without mentioning our robes, did you? Our robes, objectively, make a great Father's Day gift.

Highway Robery taking out the trash
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