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Deadstock Fabrics and Our Robes

Deadstock Fabrics and Our Robes

We talk frequently about the use of deadstock fabrics when producing our robes, so we thought a brief explainer should be in order. There is a lot to consider on this topic, so by no means is this meant to be an end-all be-all. These are just a few key points on what deadstock fabrics are and our use of them.

What is deadstock fabric?

Deadstock fabrics come from textile mills and garment factories that have large amounts of unused fabrics. These are still new materials - just unsold initially. 

deadstock fabrics highway robery

Why do we (primarily) use deadstock fabrics?

While it is true that the mills often overproduce knowing that a portion of the fabric will be marked for this very purpose, we find that this is better than the alternative - creating new fabric, which only increases our environmental impact. 

fabric mill

What does it mean for our selection of robes?

We find our fabrics by working with deadstock wholesalers who have warehouses full of unused fabrics. All of the fabrics we choose are available in varying degrees of yardage, which means that oftentimes there’s only enough fabric to make a few dozen robes. Along with limiting our environmental impact, we love the idea that every robe we make is one of a unique few. It also means that if you find a robe from us that you like, you better grab it fast before it’s gone :) We always display the total number of each robes made (so far) on our product pages. Shop all of our robes here.

Highway Robery Bathrobes Limited Quantities

What about the leftover fabric from the robes we make?

We asked ourselves that very question, and then had a (rare) moment of genius. We were trying to think of what we could make with the leftover fabric, and decided, what better than to make mini robes out of it?! (*Cuts to us endlessly patting ourselves on the back for thinking of this*) Not only can they be used as beer koozies, but they are objectively adorable. Shop our mini robes.

Highway Robery Mini Robes for Beer Bottles

Our Retired Robe Hall of Fame

Just because a fabric is sold out, doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be remembered. That’s why we created our Retired Robe Hall of Fame - to honor our past favorites. 

Highway Robery Retired Robe Hall of Fame


That's it for now. Hopefully you learned a little bit, and you can always visit your local library to learn more about fabric production (or to learn more about pretty much anything). 

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